We’re almost through the first half of the year! Can you believe it? Every month I film a video where I share my experiences and successes so that in turn, you can hopefully learn something new to implement in your own business.

Here are two things that helped aid my success during the month of May:


During the month of May, I experienced some pretty great highlights such as Grant Cardone and Farhad Azizi joining me on The Spencer Lodge Podcast.

I’ve been producing my podcast for six months now and the feedback and engagement from listeners has been great.

Although getting a sponsor for the podcast wasn’t really something that I was focused on in the beginning, we’ve recently secured a sponsor that we’ll be announcing soon.

If you don’t already have a podcast then I urge you to start one as soon as possible. If you want to be taken seriously and want to be seen as a leader in your industry, then this is the perfect platform for you to achieve just that.

Should you already have a podcast where you share interesting industry-related content and news, then I would encourage you to find a sponsor that you can work with. Finding a sponsor isn’t as difficult as you would think.

Should you want to pitch a few potential sponsors, here are some benefits that you can mention to them in your proposal:

  • The podcast that you create can be shared on your sponsor’s social media channels.
  • They’ll have targeted content created for them which can be both video and audio.
  • By sponsoring your podcast, It’ll be great brand awareness and recognition for their business.

A sponsor doesn’t necessarily have to pay you a monetary fee for the sponsorship, but you can work on a trade exchange basis where you both get something out of the partnership.


I hosted an impromptu Q&A event the other day and it turned out to be a great success. A few days before the event, I did two Instagram-story posts asking my followers if they’d be interested in attending the Q&A with me. From these two posts, I received 50-60 direct messages saying that they were interested, and then on the day I had 25 people who arrived at the event and were eager to learn from me.

As a business, this cost me nothing, but it put me in contact with 25 people who could benefit from the services that I offer. I know that a lot of businesses spend money running LinkedIn or Facebook ads in order to host an event like this, but there are other awareness strategies that you can implement without spending a penny. This experiment of mine proved that.

If you build your social media following (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be huge) you can create a tremendous amount of value for your audience, and hopefully, in turn, you can turn these people into prospective clients.