Sara Al Madani Returns to The Spencer Lodge Podcast on Emirati Women’s Day

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Today is a pretty special day. In January of this year, my team and I launched The Spencer Lodge Podcast and today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve just launched season two in partnership with Najahi Events! I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some phenomenal individuals, and every episode has centred around a piece of content with something valuable to learn.

In my first ever podcast interview (click here), I sat down with Her Excellency Dr Sara Al Madani, and today on the launch of season two of the podcast (and on Emirati Women’s Day), she’s back again with even more pearls of wisdom to share.

Sara is a Mother, entrepreneur and figurehead for the rapid evolution of women in the Middle East. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that today, as we celebrate the women in the UAE who are working tirelessly towards making the country great, that I thought Sara would be the perfect person to talk to.

In today’s episode (click here to listen), Sara and I chat about:

– Ego getting in the way of people making decisions

– The reasons entrepreneurs fail and why they don’t hold themselves responsible

– Ethics and morals in the business world

– How failure might cost you money, but you can easily make that money again

– Why running a business is like being in a relationship

Listen to the above podcast episode to find out for yourself why Sara is hailed as a profound public speaker, celebrated thought leader, and an Emirati Women making waves around the world.

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