We find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, which is changing life as we know it. Most of us are staying home, maintaining physical distance from others, unable to travel, quarantined and working remotely. Sure, being indoors all the time and the current situation is tough for a lot of us but don’t let it suck you into a negative vortex.

It’s easy to let anxiety, panic and stress creep into our lives. The only way to fight this is with positivity and the right mindset. Being optimistic, orderly and opportunistic can help us and our loved ones retain a sense of normalcy during this upheaval.

Here are some ways you can maintain a positive and healthy frame of mind during the pandemic:

Eat healthy

A healthy body is important for a healthy mind. Plus, you need to keep your immunity and strength up. When you stay home, stay hydrated and be mindful that you are not as physically active as when you’re out and about. Choose healthy snacks, like fruit or dark chocolate, and eat your meals on time.

Stick to a routine

This is extremely important. It will help your family cope with the change in lifestyle. Wake up on time, at the same time. Don’t give in to the temptation to stay up late every day or spend hours on the couch. Make the most of the time you have on hand now and prepare yourself for when the pandemic passes.

Stay physically active

EXTREMELY important. Not only will this help you stay alert and fresh, it is also important for your overall wellbeing. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home – have you been watching my InstaStories @Spencer.Lodge ?!). Sign up for an online fitness class such as yoga or zumba, or hire a personal trainer for one-on-one digital workouts. Set aside a fixed time every day for this. Exercise kickstarts the release of hormones that will make you feel happy, calm & energised, and fights depression.

Reach out

There are people around us who may need help. The elderly who live alone, families struggling to manage working from home with kids, a medical professional who is working extra hours – give them a call and see if they are okay. Reaching out to them will help both you and them feel less lonely – it’s feels good to help.

Learn something new

Or upgrade an existing skill. There are thousands of online courses – both free and paid, and webinars about every topic under the sun. Read, research, join a class or group, now is the time to upskill yourself and prepare for a market that will need you when the pandemic is over. Instead of making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, take action and be in charge. 

Censor your media use

Fear mongering media is having a field day with Covid-19. Know what to watch, read and listen. Look for information from authoritative sources and avoid encouraging misinformation and mass hysteria. If the government is saying you don’t need to hoard toilet paper – you really don’t! Don’t let yourself fall victim to sensationalism in the media. Instead, immerse yourself in media and content that will feed your positivity.

Times are tough but they will pass. Only the strong and disciplined will make the most of the situation they find themselves in so step up, take charge of your life and commit to staying positive, productive and healthy.