June was a phenomenal month for me. I took on new clients, spoke at the Global Success Summit in London, and reached 30 000 followers on my Instagram account (@spencer.lodge). In addition to the above, it’s also been a great month of developments in the UAE thanks to the recent introduction of the UAE Gold Card. Here’s a summary of the top things that I learnt in June:


During the humid months of summer, sales usually decline in Dubai. Because of the heat, many people opt to travel overseas but in my case, I stick around and take advantage of the fact that most of my competitors aren’t in town.

While my competition is travelling I can swoop in and dominate the market. By putting myself and my content out there and adding value to people and busineses, I’m potentially going to be taking on many new clients over the summer months. Think about the business you’re in and how you can strategically dominate your competition while they’re on holiday.


There’s no denying that Dubai is a phenomenal place to do business. It’s strategic location, growing economy, and a great lifestyle, coupled with its 0% income tax make it a very appealing destination for expats. But many expatriates experience a lot of uncertainty when it comes to planning a future in Dubai due to visa constraints. Thankfully, the introduction of a UAE Gold Card Visa could solve a lot of problems for expats doing business in the UAE.

According to Gulf News, The UAE’ Gold Card’ includes three broad categories of five and 10-year residency permits. Essentially, Investors who invest at least Dh10 million will now qualify for 10-year visas, while entrepreneurs and those with special talents will be entitled to five-year residency permits.

Keep a close eye on my social media channels as I’ll be speaking more about this topic and its implications on businesses very soon.


I’m finding that a lot of companies nowadays are spending lots of money on generating online leads but then they don’t spend any money on teaching their staff how to convert these leads. This is incredibly counter-productive.

It’s essential that businesses invest in training their employees. Why spend money on generating online leads if you’re not going to get a return on them? Your staff need to be taught how to close. Investing in training will make a massive difference to your bottom line.

To find out more about what I learnt in June, and how you can apply my learnings to your own business, watch my video below:

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