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Can you believe that we’re already in March of this year?

Here’s a summary of my personal insights from February. If you haven’t already gotten stuck into achieving your goals for the year, perhaps this will help you get going.


After two and a half years of producing content, engagement has slowly been increasing, but recently it’s dramatically increased. I’ve gone from getting hundreds of views on my social media videos, to thousands of views, and now hundreds of thousands of views. That’s because of a couple of things:

  1. I’m now sharing shorter content videos. Rather than sharing one long video, I break it up into bite-sized chunks for my audience. Shorter videos perform much better on social media- especially when the video has a clear focus.
  2. Influencer sharing. I interview a lot of influential people, and when they share the content that I produce to their pages as well, it’s win-win.

Proactive People Win:

There are people out there that do, and there are people out there that don’t. The people that are out there doing, invariably always get a better result.

Mindset Matters:

After all the years that I’ve been in sales, and all the knowledge that I’ve got- If I impart one thing to two people, and one has a positive mindset and the other has a negative mindset, we know what’s going to happen. The person with a positive mindset will be able to use the knowledge that I give them and run with it. These are the people who will thrive.

If you’ve got a negative mindset because you fear that the market is going down, or you fear a recession is coming, it’s going to impact you if you believe these things. So how do you avoid this problem?

  1. Stay away from negative people.
  2. Make sure that the content that you consume is positive (newspapers, videos etc).

I’m currently having the best year ever, and you can too if your mind is in the right place.