New year, new goals!

Happy New Year to all those reading this! And with a new year, it’s time to focus on all the new goals that you are hopefully going to achieve in 2019!

Tons of people want to be successful, but unless you’re clear about what you want to achieve and you know exactly what you’ve got to do, then you’re not going to get anywhere. Goal planning should be a core aspect of any professional’s life.

Think about what you want to achieve. Is this something that you want to achieve or something that you need to achieve? A need (or a must) is far more powerful than a desire (or a want). The first thing you should do is focus on what your need is. Let’s say for example you need to earn $100,000 and you need to earn this money by the end of the year. You have twelve months to achieve this goal. How are you going to go about this?

Turn this into a science by taking your goal amount and dividing it into 12 months. This will give you a monthly target. In this case that would be around $8,340. Then break the month down into four weeks to get your weekly target ($2,085). You can then work out your average commission per sale. If your average commission per sale was $695, then you’ll know that you have to achieve three sales per week. That can be your starting point. Then you’ll need to know how many prospects you’ll have to meet in order to make one sale. This could mean meeting with 15 prospects a week, for example.

Breaking your goals down into bite-sized chunks makes them far more achievable. If you stick to this, and do what you need to do every single day, then you’ll get to where you need to be. By doing it this way, you’ll probably find that you’ll land up exceeding the original goal that you had.

Tony Robbins talks about a massive action plan. You have to put massive amounts of effort and energy into every activity. Create a plan and then action that plan. Make sure that you’ve done everything that you can to make your plan succeed. By doing it this way, even if you fail, you know that you gave it your all. Goals require a timeline and a target. Talk yourself into everything that you do, stay focused and be clear on your targets. In my opinion, take one goal at a time and you’ll be more effective.

How to set targets:

  1. Be specific: Before setting a timeline, you must define your goal. Be as specific as you can be. For example, don’t say that you “want to make more money”. Write down exactly how much money you want to make and when you want to make it by.
  2. Break your goal into manageable pieces: We often look at the sheer magnitude of our goals and get overwhelmed. Break your goals into sub-goals. For example, if like me your goal is to write a book on your subject of expertise, then simply take it one chapter at a time, or even one page at a time.
  3. Avoid procrastination: One of the biggest problems that people encounter when trying to reach certain targets is the issue of procrastination. Even the most dedicated and disciplined person can sometimes fall prey to procrastination. This is why it’s important to remind yourself of your goals and targets on a daily basis, so that you can stay on track.