I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying “If you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen”. Well, in sales- if you can’t handle the pressure, then you should consider a career change!

Many people claim that they don’t deal well with pressure. I, on the other hand, thrive under pressure! Pressure is what pushes me and motivates me to get going. And if you’ve worked with me, then you’ll know that I expect my staff members to have the same kind of attitude when it comes to work.

Learning how to handle pressure is one of the most important things that you can do for your career and for your own mental health and well-being.

The more pressure I’m under, the better! I always map out my goals and targets, examine what I’ve got to do, and then set about getting everything done one thing at a time.

Loads of successful salespeople will agree that they enjoy the adrenaline of a challenge, and the thrill of hitting their targets.

Be honest for a minute. When are you most motivated and fired up? When you’ve got tons of prospects, tons of clients, and tons of work? Or when it’s dead quiet and you have nothing to do and nothing to fill your day with?

It’s always when you’ve got too much free time that you start questioning things. You question yourself, question your career choice, and question your job.

Want to know the simple trick to feeling motivated in the workplace? Keep busy! Give yourself things to do. Even if your boss isn’t putting pressure on you, put pressure on yourself. Soon you’ll be getting things done faster than anyone else in the office, and you’ll be hitting your targets quicker than any of your competitors.

How to handle pressure:

  1. See the value of pressure: Instead of panicking and worrying about not being able to handle your current situation, see the pressure that you’re under as an opportunity for growth. Believe that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way and learn how to use pressure as a positive instead of a negative.
  2. Focus on the positives: Stand in the mirror and say all of the things that you’re great at out loud. Positive affirmation is scientifically proven to enhance self-confidence and boost your results.
  3. Focus on what’s important: Instead of getting bogged down by the details, focus instead on the fundamentals. List the things that you need to get done in order of importance. Then systematically work through that list until you’ve completed each task.