#269: From Millionaire Stockbroker to Ecstasy Trafficker: Shaun Attwood’s Unbelievable Escape from a 200-Year Prison Sentence!

Introduction Do you ever wonder how highly successful people find themselves in the most unimaginable situations? This is what happened to Shaun Attwood, a stock market millionaire-turned-ecstasy trafficker who found himself in the dark underworld of America’s drug scene. After being arrested, Shaun was thrown into the infamous Maricopa County Jail in Arizona which is […]

#266: From Stressed Out to Stress-Free: Follow Alice Law’s Roadmap to Resilience Now

Introduction Tune in for a transformative conversation as we dive into the life-changing work of Alice Law, a stress management consultant, Reiki master, mindfulness practitioner, and best-selling author of “The Law of Brand Attraction”. Join us in this groundbreaking podcast episode where Alice shares her remarkable seven-year battle with chronic stress and provides profound insights […]

#264: Is an Economic Meltdown Looming? Siam Kidd Shares Alarming Insights!

Introduction Prepare to be captivated by the incredible journey of Siam Kidd, a former pilot with the Royal Air Force who transitioned into a self-taught full-time trader, thriving in the financial world for the last 17 years. In this eye-opening episode, we delve into Siam’s roller-coaster ride from early losses to ultimate triumph, amassing seven […]

#263: Happiness or Success: Do You Have to Choose? Professor McGee Reveals All

Paul McGee

Introduction Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Professor Paul McGee, a renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author. As a visiting professor at the University of Chester, he’s one of Europe’s leading authorities on change, workplace relationships, leadership, customer service, resilience, wellbeing, and communication. With over a quarter of a million books sold and speeches […]

#261: Unseen Heroes: Inside the Battle Against a £500 Billion Industry

Introduction What if I told you that the dark world of human trafficking is worth a mind-boggling £500 billion? Join me in this episode as we journey through the incredible work of Andrew Wallis and Unseen, a charity on a 15-year mission to combat this global atrocity. However, Unseen isn’t your average charity – they’re […]