#294: Inside Shayoon’s Science-Based Approach to Trauma Recovery

Introduction Healing, chakras, meditation, emotional mapping – these topics may seem a bit ‘out there’ for many, but my guest on today’s show just might change your mind. Meet Shayoon: healer, fashion influencer, model, author, and founder of The Lightforce Center. After surviving a catastrophic car accident, Shayoon was told she would live with chronic […]

#293: A Formula 1 Guide to High-Performing Teams with F1 Mechanic Marc Priestley

Introduction Achieving peak performance in your business is possible if you apply the Formula 1 Mindset. But don’t take it from me, folks. This week, I am joined by Marc Priestley, who brings more than a decade of experience with the World Championship-winning McLaren pit crew. Today Marc is a successful speaker, broadcaster, and author, […]

#292: A Business Psychologist’s Guide to Leadership, Trust and People Management

Introduction Exceptional leaders create a nurturing work environment that prioritises well-being and trust, without compromising on productivity. With over two decades of experience in human resources, Ghenwa Habbal understands this concept, and offers her insights from the unique perspective of a business psychologist. In her role as Regional Talent Management Lead at Ford Middle East […]

#291: The Middle East’s #1 HR Leader Reveals The Secrets Behind Her Award-Winning Practices

Introduction To measure a company’s potential, simply ask its employees if they enjoy coming to work every day. Someone who follows this ethos is Emma Davies, a distinguished HR leader with over 25 years of experience driving cultural change and fostering people-centric organisations. Her exceptional people skills drove transformation in multibillion-dollar companies, earning her a […]

#289: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Well-being With Hilton’s HR Leader Marie-Louise Ek

Introduction As the Vice President of Human Resources Middle East, Africa & Turkey at Hilton, she’s driving the company’s award-winning people and culture strategy, overseeing 30,000+ team members across 180 regional hotels. Meet Marie-Louise Ek, a dynamic leader with an impressive track record of over 23 years. With her groundbreaking initiatives at Sandvik and influential […]

#288: The Secret to a Long, Happy Marriage: Saif Al-Yasi’s Exclusive Proven Tips!

Introduction In the face of rising global divorce rates, this week’s guest on Unscripted With Spencer Lodge challenges conventional beliefs about why marriages fail, arguing that it’s men who have a bigger role to play than women. Saif Al-Yasi, a highly esteemed fitness and personal trainer in Dubai comes armed with a medical background in […]

#287: Leadership Insights from an 11-Year-Old with Dyslexia

Introduction This week, my youngest ever guest is in the hot seat! If you’ve ever wondered what leadership looks like through the eyes of a child, then get ready for some pretty epic leadership insights from an 11-year-old. Meet Finley Suchley, the son of my business partner, Danielle, and the Head Boy of Kings’ School, […]

#286: Military Mom Turned #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Introduction Success doesn’t wait around for excuses; it only responds to effort. Meet Rebecca Yarros – the #1 New York Times bestselling author and the literary genius behind more than twenty popular novels. Her most recent publication, ‘Fourth Wing,’ is set to be transformed into a series by Amazon. As a military wife and mother […]

#285: Unleash Your Mind’s Potential! Decode Neuroscience Mysteries with Dr David Eagleman

Introduction Neuroscience continues to be one of the most complex subjects, but Dr David Eagleman is here to decode it all. As a renowned neuroscientist at Stanford University and a best-selling author, he’s best known for his ground-breaking research on brain plasticity. David co-founded two venture-backed companies, Neosensory and BrainCheck, and is also the author […]