#301: Unleashing The Power Of Personal Branding And Networking With Communications Powerhouse Maha Abouelenein


Personal branding is more than a buzzword – it’s the way to establish yourself and drive business results. Yet many people don’t know how to get started or have a fear of oversharing, so they simply don’t take the steps to being more visible. That’s where the incredible Maha Abouelenein comes in. She is a strategic communications powerhouse and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, and the CEO and founder of Digital and Savvy, a leading global communications consulting firm. Named one of Forbes’ Power Women of the Middle East in 2020, Maha is also a keynote speaker, host of the top-rated podcast ‘SavvyTalk,’ author of the highly anticipated book, 7 Rules of Self-Reliance, and a pivotal figure in Gary Vaynerchuk’s rise to fame. In this episode, Maha brings her exceptional knowledge and experience to share how to build a strong personal brand, why employees need to focus on personal branding, lessons for people in their 20s, and networking tips for introverts. Her words of wisdom can truly change your life and help you 10x your career growth, so be sure to tune in now!

Show Notes

2:20 Maha’s ethnic identity

3:31 Decoding personal branding

5:32 The difference between a personal brand and corporate brand

7:00 Shift of brand perception from businesses to leaders

10:44 Why LinkedIn is the most profound business tool today

19:04 Why employees must focus on personal branding

24:29 Maha’s opinion on the best learning sources

28:14 Maha’s purpose behind writing her book: 7 Rules of Self-Reliance

32:26 Five life-changing takeaways from Maha’s book

35:33 Invaluable lessons for people in their 20s

38:57 Being self-aware of your learning style

41:26 Networking tips for introverts

45:41 Providing value when networking

49:50 Real-life examples of the power of building relationships

54:11 Three non-negotiables when building your personal brand

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