#247: From Bankruptcy to Success: How Matt Haycox Built a Financial Empire from Nothing


This week’s guest is a regular guy who built a successful business but went bankrupt at 27 because he didn’t know how to manage his cash flow. Instead of moping around and being depressed, he started all over again, taking all the lessons he learnt, and is now more successful than ever before. Folks, meet Matt Haycox – a fearless serial entrepreneur who turned his life around. Overleveraged, disheartened, and bankrupt, Matt could have easily thrown in the towel. But against all odds, he not only rebuilt his life but also went on to create an empire. Starting from rock bottom, he built a massively successful company, Funding Guru – a financial services provider and adviser that assists companies in finding funding options that support their growth and financial stability. From borrower to lender, operator to advisor, Matt’s journey to the top is truly admirable. Join me on this episode and be inspired by how you too can turn your failures into massive successes.

Show Notes

02:23 Matt’s business journey

13:56 Matt’s bankruptcy nightmare

25:15 His story from bankruptcy to success

28:41 About Matt’s company, “Funding Guru”

39:10 Where he finds funding for lending money

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