#237: Breaking Barriers: The Incredible Story of Amna Al Qubaisi, The First Emirati Female Racing Driver


Today we have a special guest who is changing the narrative in motorsport racing, in particular, women’s racing. Amna Al Qubaisi is the first Emirati female racing driver to compete in karting, F4, and F3 and she’s made it her mission in life to challenge the status quo. With a decade of experience behind the wheel, Amna’s drive to succeed has skyrocketed her ahead in a sport that has historically been difficult for women to compete in. During our conversation, Amna takes me through the different levels of motorsports racing, the very obvious gender bias that still exists, and the harsh reality behind the financial investment that’s required to compete in this elite sport. Leaning on her personal experiences, Amna shares invaluable advice on how to achieve goals so big that they almost seem impossible, as well as the key to staying motivated and focused along the way. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration to chase your dreams – buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride as we learn from Amna’s epic example of resilience and perseverance.

Show Notes

02:46 About Amna Al Qubaisi

07:58 What inspired her “I’ll prove you wrong” mindset

10:23 The different levels of motorsport racing

15:00 The financial costs of a racing driver

18:55 Advice for pursuing seemingly impossible goals

22:21 How the FIA can improve towards women in racing

25:06 Amna’s definition of success

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