#214: How To Skyrocket Your Business Success With The CEO Whisperer Cameron Herold


Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. The five-time best-selling author and Entrepreneurial Mentor joins me on the show this week to discuss all things startups and CEOs. Cameron, AKA ‘The CEO Whisperer’, and I discuss the top mistakes most entrepreneurs make, the recruitment tactics startups should employ, key skills every CEO needs and invaluable life lessons Cameron has learnt over the years. Folks, this man knows what he’s talking about – and after building three companies worth over $100 million – you’ll want to pay attention to what he’s got to say.

Show Notes

03:10 Cameron’s recent travels

08:30 Processing the loss of his father

14:08 Cameron’s entrepreneurial lessons

17:15 Mistakes other entrepreneurs make

19:30 Startup recruiting

24:00 Cameron’s role

25:10 How Cameron achieved success

27:00 Why most entrepreneurs have poor grades, bipolar and ADHD

31:40 Drawing inspiration from childhood experiences

37:54 Cameron’s books

42:55 Skills that CEOs lack

46:45 Why Cameron is known as the CEO Whisperer

47:43 One key lesson from Cameron’s career

48:11 Negative experiences from previous events

50:46 Living a minimalist lifestyle

53:06 Cameron’s definition of success

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