#201: The Current State Of Cryptocurrencies With Economic Historian Raoul Pal


He’s back for the second time on the show; one of my favourite guests – Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist & Economic Historian – Raoul Pal. Raoul is one of the most sought-after crypto experts, and with worldwide panic around a looming recession, failing markets and crypto meltdown – I wanted to speak with someone to understand the state of cryptocurrency better right now. In this episode, Raoul shares advice on what people should do with their excess cash, what you need to know about the crypto market, lessons from buying his first Bitcoin, Raoul’s opinions on Ethereum, staking your crypto and so much more. This episode is filled to the brim with helpful information that will give you a useful overview of what’s happening right now and where you should focus your attention as an investor.

Show Notes

04:48 Dubai versus the rest of the world

09:35 The US property market

10:53 What people should do with their cash

15:58 What you need to know about the crypto market

20:55 Lessons from buying Bitcoin

25:07 Creating an investing thesis

28:40 Raoul’s opinion on Ethereum

34:53 Staking your crypto

37:30 Trading platforms  and storing your crypto

41:33 Adoption of crypto       

44:01 Web3 and data centralisation

50:20 Understanding risk versus return in investing

55:03 Financial education

58:01 Raoul’s prediction on the crypto market

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