#164: Creating A Cryptocurrency With Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio


Anthony Di Iorio is the co-founder of Ethereum and an early investor in Bitcoin – a claim to fame that not many people have. Since then, Anthony has launched the blockchain company Decentral, and the Jaxx wallet. He also served as the first chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Despite the major financial success this has brought him, Anthony made headlines this past year when he announced he was “quitting crypto” due to security concerns of high-level investing and a desire to focus his energy on philanthropy.

Today, Anthony is discussing everything from his initial interest in bitcoin to his passion for solving major issues in the world today.

Show Notes

Anthony discusses how he got into business to introduce himself to the listeners. [1:29]

The interest Anthony had in bitcoin and his journey into crypto is discussed. [10:00]

Important influences Anthony had that helped him in the crypto space is explained. [14:38]

Anthony reflects on raising funds for Ethereum. [17:10]

Overcoming failures and learning opportunities in Anthony’s life are touched on. [19:32]

Anthony and Spencer discuss the NFT space.  [22:28]

The importance of education of crypto and finances is detailed. [26:14]

Anthony discusses his choice to ‘leave’ crypto. [33:42]

Philanthropy is a passion of Anthony’s – he details what initiatives he is involved in. [37:05]

Acting as a leader and changemaker is reflected on. [42:11]

Gratitude, mindset and staying balanced is discussed. [47:53]

Anthony’s future goals are detailed. [53:21]

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