#161: How A Former Cult Member Built & Sold A 7-figure Business With Julia McCoy


Imagine escaping a cult that your father runs and then building a 7-figure business? That’s exactly what Julia McCoy – the Founder of The Content Hacker – did. Julia’s incredible story was told for the first-time last year in her memoir “Women Rising” where she detailed the abuse and depression she experienced as a child, and how writing became her escape. Julia began writing blogs for money, and when she saved enough money to escape, she took her chance.

Julia is now a serial entrepreneur, author, and an advocate of creating exceptional content. In 2021, she successfully exited her 7-figure agency, Express Writers. Today, she leads The Content Hacker, where she equips people with real-life content skills. Julia also ghostwrites, consults, and publishes her own books.

Julia joins the show today to discuss what life was like in a cult, her daring escape, her incredible business success, and the rise of content creation since the pandemic.

Show Notes

Julia discusses the sale of her first company Express Writers. [2:49]

The next focus for Julia after selling her business is reflected on. [9:59]

Content creation and writing is discussed. [13:49]

Julia discusses her latest book – Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition. [17:22]

Growing up in a cult is described. [19:15]

The specifics of the cult and Julia’s family are touched on. [23:56]

Julia reflects on her relationship with religion and faith. [28:55]

The relationship Julia had with her father and the healing she underwent is detailed. [36:33]

Other cults and religions are discussed. [39:42]

Religions and culture’s impact on the lives of individuals is explained [46:03]

Julia touches on the global work she does with her business Content Hacker. [49:33]

Julia explains what she teaches and what people can learn from her at Content Hacker. [52:10]

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