#159: How To Fast Forward Your Financial Goals With Robert Rolih


If you want to fast forward your wealth and achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible, then this episode is for you!

My guest today is Robert Rolih, the author of “The Million Dollar Decision”, investor, and public speaker. After trusting banks and advisors with his hard-earned money, Robert lost it all and embarked on a journey to gain financial sense. Since then he has built a resilient investment portfolio that makes his money work for him, and has made it his mission to share all he’s learned about investing.

In this episode, Robert discusses the key misunderstandings people have about money and investing, how financial knowledge can help you invest better and achieve your goals, and he shares the lessons he teaches his clients on investing and crypto.

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Show Notes

People do not know how to manage money; Robert explains why this is a bad idea. [2:28]

Robert details how he lost his money and what he learned. [3:46]

The financial success formula that Robert developed is explained. [7:45]

The ways people can understand cryptocurrency and expose themselves to the market is discussed. [11:03]

Robert discusses inflation rates. [18:57]

The importance of learning how to invest your money and Robert’s mission to teach this is discussed. [23:37]

Money mindset is reflected on. [27:46]

The lessons that Robert teaches in his courses is detailed. [29:09]

The top 3 mistakes people make with money are given. [30:38]

Saving for retirement is touched on. [33:33]

The lessons Robert can teach you about crypto is explained. [35:27]

Robert’s preference for online coaching is discussed. [41:29]

Sources of income in Robert’s life are noted. [43:48]

Robert explains what he will be discussing in his upcoming events. [47:15]

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