#135: Sales Legend Tom Hopkins On Becoming a Fearless Salesperson


Tom Hopkins is a sales training legend, having become a millionaire at the age of 27 after selling 365 properties in just one year. Since then, he has trained sales champions around the world with his “how-to” books and top-rated training programmes.

Tom has taught millions of people the sales strategies needed to skyrocket their income, expand opportunities and deliver continued results. By focusing on practical tips and helping salespeople understand and overcome common fears, his ollowers have sold more than they ever imagined. 

In this episode, Tom explains what it takes to become a success in the world of sales, drawing on his most challenging experiences, his biggest wins, and the simple tactics that will help salespeople overcome the fear of failure.

Show Notes

Sales legend Tom Hopkins joins the show from Scottsdale, Arizona. [2:08]

He shares his understanding of the different perceptions of salespeople – a profession he has specialised in for over 40 years. [5:19]

Discover Tom’s early struggles in sales, recounting both financial and educational challenges that eventually transitioned to success. [8:43]

Tom recounts his first sales role as realtor, an experience that led him to seek mentorship in sales and paved his path to success in this profession.  [15:01]

Winning and recognition helped motivate Tom and build momentum, and he explains how these can be used as a catalyst to achieve further success and be the best at what you do.  [20:56]

Tom shares expertise from his current training program, explaining his WEMF acronym, formulated to highlight the important characteristics that are essential in sales and marketing. [24:20]

The importance of in-depth product knowledge as a key success factor in sales is discussed, as well as how personal experiences can help develop and advance your professional profile. [28:42]

We hear about Tom’s first experience in public speaking at the Los Angeles Real Estate Convention, and how receiving a standing ovation from the 5500 attendees inspired a career opportunity in sales training. [32:37]

Failure and rejection are explored, as Tom explains how he teaches those who fear failure, who procrastinate, and who have self-doubt.  [45:03]

Tom explains the different personality characteristics that exist in successful salespeople, and how his profession has influenced change in his own personality and temperament. [48:02]

The interview closes with Tom providing advice for aspiring sales professionals, and how they can help advance their opportunities using simple techniques, such as goal setting, and others included in his training programs and book, “How to Master the Art of Selling”. [51:26]


“I had something to prove. That somehow, I was going to find a way to, not only make a good living or invest in real estate, but to become financially independent”. [10:01]

“Selling, sales and marketing is a lot like gambling… It’s a game, and you have to have the odds in your favour”. [16:04]

“Something that I have always tried to teach, and I have lived, and I believe, is that the pain of change will be forgotten when the benefits from the change become you”. [46:23]

“Many people hear the word ‘salesperson’, and they think ‘pushy, arrogant and overbearing’, whereas I see a salesperson as empathetic, caring, and wanting to help folks have a better life”. [48:47]

“Application is the key to any idea, because if you don’t apply it, it won’t affect you or your long-term success”. [58:10]

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