#132: Kerwin Rae On Becoming Unstoppable


This week I am joined by the most unstoppable guy in Australia – the awesome business strategist and human performance specialist, Kerwin Rae. Kerwin has studied and observed the psychology of influence for over a decade and is a leading authority on influencing human behaviour and how it relates to sales, marketing, and personal transformation.

Bringing his signature high-energy to the conversation, we discuss the practical tactics and strategies he believes are essential for people to become successful entrepreneurs and more resilient human beings. Having worked with leaders in almost every industry and developed business growth methods that produce real results, Kerwin is just the guy to share his unique insight on becoming unstoppable.

Show Notes

The show begins with Kerwin discussing who he is and how he helps businesses. [2:01]

Kerwin describes his past and what led him to discover why individuals need the help of businesses. [3:53]

Ego and humility are discussed with respect to why people fail to ask for help. [7:50]

The difficulties of building a personal brand are discussed, and Kerwin explains the amount of time and energy he believes should go into the building process. [12:36]

Kerwin discusses how not everyone has the mental resilience to be an entrepreneur. [21:05]

Fundamentals of strategies and tactics regarding becoming both physically and emotionally successful are explained. [27:54]

The lessons Kerwin has learned about the importance of focusing on branding or sales is touched on. [34:18]

Kerwin explains the role he feels podcasts play for building a brand. [47:52]

Clubhouse and social media platforms are discussed. [51:12]

Kerwin explains the affect of technology on children and his approach to handling this as a father. [53:32]


“If you hate being told what to do and you don’t know what to do, in most cases you won’t ask, and you’d rather fail than ask for help and I did that a couple times quite spectacularly.” [4:43]

“One of the most damaging things in the high-performance environment is stress, and what that does to the psychology, what that does to the physiology, the biology and everything else involved, and when you set unrealistic expectations of performance, you, in most cases, induce higher levels and potential triggers for stress.” [16:08]

“Making ten million bucks in the next ten years is far more achievable than making a million dollars from scratch in the next twelve months.” [19:04]

“When you’re conscious of what you put in your body, and when you’re conscious about how it affects your performance, and you’re clear on what’s important to you, you just don’t want to do it.” [29:20]

“Sales is a lot easier when you have a strong brand.” [35:21]

“Conversations are the new lead.” [44:41]

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