#129: Network Marketing Legend Eric Worre On Succeeding In Multi-Level Marketing Sales


My guest this week is the King of Network Marketing, Eric Worre. As president of his $200M company Network Marketing Pro, and author of the best-selling book “Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Networking Marketing Professional”, Eric is a coveted speaker who teaches millions of people around the world the essential skills for success in the world of multi-level marketing.

In this episode, Eric addresses the negative perceptions of Network Marketing, the most common challenges multi-level marketers face, and shares his advice for those who want to thrive in the industry.

Show Notes

Eric is introduced onto the show, giving an overview of his journey that led him to be known as the guru of Network Marketing. [2:01]

Eric recounts his upbringing and family life environment, and the examples of work and professional backgrounds he was surrounded by that influenced his work ethic. [6:06]

Eric shares his opinion on why the negative perceptions of Network Marketing exist, and whether they are deserved. [15:35]

Eric explains the necessary personality traits, characteristics and behaviours that are essential for success in Network Marketing. [20:28]

Eric shares examples of data and statistics on various professions, which display the lack of perseverance in multiple roles, including Network Marketing.  [22:56]

Eric discusses the different business models and reward schemes that exist in various Network Marketing organisations. [28:02]

Eric explains how the Sales and Network Marketing tactics have changed since their traditional established models and practices. [32:37]

Eric discusses the challenges caused by the lack of human contact and connection, that are creating barriers in feedback, personal improvement and ultimately professional development. [38:34]

Eric shares the scope of Network Marketing and how it is embraced in different countries on a global basis, and how their practices and perceptions differ. [40:24]

Eric shares his beliefs on the importance of negative experiences, and how they have the power to define us one way or the other depending on how we allow them to motivate us.  [45:53]

Eric likens Network Marketing practices to Entrepreneurship, explaining similarities and key differences and emphasizes how the emotional context of this industry adds complexity to its success. [50:04]

Eric closes shares details of his best-selling book release “Go Pro” and discusses any plans for future releases. [55:08]

Eric closes the interview discussing the effects of Covid-19 on his speaking appearances, and how he has adapted to and found that this change has influenced new strategies. [57:08]


“I always kind of wanted more”. [8:27]

“I learnt to use the judgement as fuel a long time ago”. [14:28]

“There’s something in the test of your fortitude, that makes something of you”. [33:13]

“If somebody wants to change their life, one of the skills that they must develop is communication skills”. [39:28]

“You have to endure the social judgment of ignorant people”. [41:46]

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