#127: Professor Amy Storer On Preventing Human Slavery & Child Exploitation


Trigger warning: This episode contains conversations about human and child trafficking, sexual abuse, pornography and exploitation.

Recent statistics have suggested that reports of human trafficking have nearly doubled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is becoming clear that the various legislative efforts designed to tackle this very real problem are simply ineffective. As a result, nearly half a million children are reported missing in the USA every year and there are an estimated 20-40 million human slaves currently exploited.  

The global state of human trafficking is now at crisis level and my guest this week, Harvard graduate and Homeland Security Investigator Amy Storer works tirelessly to battle this $150 billion industry. Having previously held positions at Washington D.C Headquarters and the Office of the White House Liaison – Amy now dedicates her time to exposing the predators who exploit both adults and children in the most horrific crimes against humanity.

In this episode, Amy shares her insights into the dark and harsh realities of human trafficking and explains why QR codes may be the answer to preventing exploitation.

Show Notes

Amy is introduced onto the show and gives us a brief overview of her career and profession as a Human Trafficking analyst for U.S. Homeland Security. [2:13]

Amy discusses the overall social aspects and trends that have contributed to making human trafficking such a large problem and major enterprise today. [3:56]

Amy shares details on the specifics of victim profiles in the U.S. noting that one in four Human Trafficking slaves are children as young as 12. [8:26]

Amy explains how traffickers target specific means of travel in order to identify and exploit ‘runaways’ and victimise them as a result of their vulnerability. [12:41]

Amy shares methods of manipulation that traffickers use in order to control, expose and exploit new victims. [15:35]

Amy reveals ‘hotspots’ for Human Trafficking in the U.S highlighting multiple airports and transit points, large cities and states such as California and Texas and strip clubs as the biggest facilitators for Human slavery. [18:25]

Amy shares some sad truths and statistics in that over 78% of sex abusers in the U.S. are parents, noting an increase in mothers involved in the cycle.  [22:38]

Amy explains the dangers and contribution of the internet, highlighting the presence of forums on the Dark web that are actively helping predators to operate, offer each other support and share illegal content. [25:48]

Amy discusses the effects and dangers of pornography and how it is counteracting human & women’s rights legislation and normalizing exploitative behaviour. [34:21]

Amy explains the different profiles of Pimp’s in multiple settings, and how they entice and manipulate their victims to eventually be trafficked. [44:15]

Amy closes sharing examples of ‘turning points’ from survivor’s that she’s worked with, explains how Human Trafficking is contributing to other problems in society such as public health, and advises how anyone can help fight this global issue. [59:59]


“The Human Slave owners are walking among us”. [4:39]

“The ability to sell children and human beings is so easy, it’s like selling candy”. [25:49]

“Pornography is driving a lot of the crimes and evils in society”. [28:50]

“I could probably prove that every single strip club in America is involved in Human Trafficking”. [53:51]

“I really believe that the Coronavirus spread the most in America because of Human Trafficking”. [1:04:14]

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