#125: David Coulthard On Accepting Limitations And Focusing On Strengths


This week I am joined by an absolute legend in the world of motor racing – former Formula One Grand Prix driver, David Coulthard MBE. David was the longest contracted driver for McLaren, retiring in 2008 with no less than 15 Grand Prix victories, earning him brand ambassadorships with industry leaders including Red Bull, Mercedes and IWC. Since then, David has utilised his experience as a race car driver to achieve transitional success, with efforts in presenting, commentating and journalism and most recently as co-founder of Whisper Films – one of the UK’s fastest-growing TV production companies. Join me as I chat with this legendary sportsman about the importance of a positive mindset, maximising your opportunities, and creating your own definition of success. 

Show Notes

David introduces his background, raised in the South-West of Scotland and explains his early desire and passion for motorsport, as a result of his family’s transport business that was founded in 1916. [1:02]

David discusses his experiences with different approaches to business in his family and recounts his early desire to travel and explore beyond Scotland, eventually settling in Monaco. [3:46]

David shares his thoughts on the importance of being part of a team, and how corporate structure has helped his career progress and expanded his professional opportunities. [7:23]

David explains the importance of connections in the Sport industry, and the very limited opportunities for a long-term career in Formula 1 racing. [11:02]

David recounts his experience readjusting at the end of his racing career, utilizing advice from his father who told David to take an example from James Hunt – a former British racing driver turned media commentator. [13:59]

David shares his experiences with broadcasting, highlighting its importance for various Sport’s personalities to utilize as a platform for further opportunities after their career, and for their own promotion to connect with their audience. [18:30]

David shares his experiences and findings with multiple brand associations, having previously been associated with Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull. [20:05]

David recounts his most memorable experiences competing in the F1, including his favourite cars from his career in racing. [27:14]

David discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and as the co-founder of Whisper films, a production company that produces content for multiple outlets including NFL, Formula 1, and the Paralympic Games. [32:13]

David explains his views on the definitions of success, and the differences in how they’re wrongly defined. [35:40]

David draws further on his experiences in entrepreneurship with reference to Whisper, highlighting his views on the importance of a team structure, and the different factors and important leadership elements that directly affect the success and profitability of any business. [40:17]

David closes the interview discussing his desires and callings for the future, with the outlook that many more feats in other areas than Sports, are still to be achieved. [51:55]


“I knew at an early age that I wanted to compete on the world stage”. [2:14]

“If you have a plan, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get there”. [16:47]

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in a kart, or if you’re in a Formula 1 car – It’s who you’re competing against”. [27:35]

“Out of potential failure and mistakes is where opportunity lies”. [34:19]

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