#118: Seth Godin On Future-Proofing Your Marketing Strategy


Commonly referred to as the ‘ultimate entrepreneur for the information age’, this week I’m thrilled to be joined by leading marketeer and internet entrepreneur, Seth Godin. As well as launching one the of the world’s most popular blogs as recognized by TIME,  Seth has written over 19 best-selling books and has previously appeared on the Marketing Hall of Fame. Recounting and sharing the valuable lessons that he was glad to learn as the founder of one of the world’s first internet companies, Seth tells us what trends to avoid, what ones to follow and how to transform your passion into a productive contribution.

Show Notes

Seth is welcomed onto the show and introduces the diversity in his following. [2:54]

Seth shares his journey and creative processes in writing his over 18 book’s, with reference to his latest release “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work”. [5:13]

Seth and Spencer discuss both the positive and negative effects of how technology, specifically the internet and email, have adapted traditional Marketing and Sales processes. [7:58]

Seth shares an insight to a multitude of different consumer and direct marketing techniques, new trends, and their effectiveness when building a brand and winning customers. [13:37]

Seth explains the importance of earning trust with your consumer, and the current trends that show ways in how businesses can go wrong. [19:36]

Seth recounts his journey as an entrepreneur, as the founder as one of the first internet companies in the world that invented email marketing. [22:35]

Seth discusses effective strategies to raise money for your business to help it grow, and the common challenges faced when fighting your competition. [27:58]

Seth shares examples of current operating and successful businesses who’s model he respects and finds admirable. [32:56]

Seth concludes the interview with a vision of his ideal career legacy, emphasizing his efforts as a teacher and educator [39:10]


“They are creatively restless and want to be a contribution, that is what they all have in common” [3:22]

“If you can’t make it work with 100 customers, what makes you think you can make it work with a million?”. [17:41]

“You heard about them because someone told you about them, because they built something that was worth talking about”. [32:23]

“The goal is not how much money can you make, it is how big a difference you can make”. [34:03]

“It’s much harder to focus on the long gain when you feel like you might be drowning”. [39:17]

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